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Foto: Ian Ehm

Dr. Helga Schwarzwald

Helga Schwarzwald studied law in Salzburg. Media and particularly radio has played a key role in her life since early childhood. Her dissertation on pornography and criminal law centred on a specific branch of media. She began her professional career as a co-director of the Women’s Counselling Service in Salzburg and as a feminist-informed legal advisor. She encountered the practices of community art and cultural initiatives on a detour via Amsterdam, before settling in Vienna in 2002. Helga Schwarzwald has been active in shaping the development of community media since 2003. She was managing director of Radio Orange 94.0 in Vienna between 2004 to 2011, during which time she played a leading role in the conception and realisation of numerous international media, art and educational projects. She has since deepened her engagement with contemporary art, both through working for Meyer-Kainer Gallery, and as an artist and member of artist duo VN Jaeger & Schwarzwald. As a former board member of the Association of Austrian Community Broadcasters and IG Kultur Österreich, Helga Schwarzwald has enthusiastically brought her extensive experience in advocacy to the service of Community Radio since April 2014.