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photo: OKTO

Dr. Christian Jungwirth

Dr. Christian Jungwirth is one of Austria’s leading community media managers and media activists. He launched his career in the mid-nineties by founding several Community Radio stations in various provinces and cities in Austria. Following a Mag. rer. nat. degree in biochemistry, he completed his PhD (Dr.phil.) in media sociology, both from the University of Vienna, and a master of business administration in media management (MBA) from the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten. He has been involved in numerous media projects worldwide, with a focus on south-eastern Europe (particularly the Danube region) and Asia. In 2005 he founded the Okto Community TV station in Vienna, where he is still the managing director. He is currently focussed on developing strategies for the digitisation of broadcast media. He also teaches at various universities including the University of Vienna, Belgrade and Sarajevo.


Dr.in Charlotte Trippolt
Deputy Chair

Charlotte Trippolt studied comparative literature in Innsbruck and Belgrade. She did her PhD on the representation and politics of the body in New Yugoslavian Film at the University of Vienna. During her studies she worked at the Yugoslavian Film Archive Belgrade and a nonprofit foundation, organised transnational art and culture projects such as serbi.arte and taught German as a foreign language to migrants and seasonal workers in predominantly rural areas. After receiving her doctorate, she worked as an ÖAD lecturer at the University of Sibiu (Romania) and the University of Rijeka (Croatia). In addition to teaching, she actively mobilised students to participate in radio and theatre projects and helped promote cultural exchange between the countries. Since March 2019, she has been the manager of the Innsbruck Community Radio station FREIRAD where she continues to advocate for political participation and transparency.

Foto: Bayer

Alf Altendorf

Alf has worked for Radiofabrik since 2008. In his position - shared with Eva Schmidhuber since 2018 - he is responsible for general management, ultimate editorial decisions and external representation on behalf of the board. Besides finances, his main focus is on public relations, ongoing internal project management of technology and online services, project management of EU projects and vocational training. He has also been managing the Salzburg Community TV channel “FS1” for Radiofabrik since 2012 - in which Radiofabrik holds a 24% stake - which he launched and pushed through. Alf is one of the pioneers of the Austrian community media scene with over 25 years of active engagement and a multitude of start-ups and collaborative projects behind him. He studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and teacher training for art education at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and was a radio producer / co-organizer at Vienna Pirate Radio in the early 1990s. He has worked as a freelance media artist, project manager, writer and cultural journalist, designer, co-founder / shareholder and managing director at T.I.V. (now gotv) and played a leading role in the development and political implementation of the Vienna Community TV station Okto.tv. Alf is on the board of the Association of Austrian Community Broadcasters and the Salzburg Confederation for Cultural Heritage. He was a member of the Media Advisory Board of the Salzburg Provincial Government (2013 - 2017) and on the board of IG Kultur Österreich (2014 - 2015).

Mag.a Michaela Kramesch

Michaela Kramesch is a culture and media sociologist. When she commenced her studies at Johannes Kepler University (JKU), she had already completed an office administrator apprenticeship. She had her first active encounter with radio through volunteer work at the students’ union (Culture Department, first-semester tutor) at the University of Linz. Michaela Kramesch produced her first broadcasts at the JKU Campus radio station. After her studies she managed two youth centres at JCUV, before taking over the management of the Upper Austrian Youth Trade Union (ÖGJ). She began to miss radio broadcasting, so she started “Die Austronautinnen” (The Astronauts) with a student friend - after successfully completing a basic workshop and editing course. In late 2018, Michaela Kramesch became the manager of Radio FRO. The basic idea of a free and independent medium that is accessible to all people in society is equally as important to her as the diversity of languages and people who are represented in Community Radio.

Foto: Agora

Angelika Hödl 
Deputy Treasurer

Angelika Hödl initially studied history and theatre briefly at the University of Vienna before moving back to Carinthia/Koroška, and later completed a course in social management at ipo/Linz. At ‘Belladonna’, the Women’s Communication, Culture and Counselling Centre in Klagenfurt/Celovec, she organised the counselling services, events, cooperative ventures, staff development and financing and established their children’s groups, playing a major role in shaping their development. Moving into the social sector, she was initially project manager and subsequently managing director of the “AWOLL - Arbeiten Wohnen Leben Lernen” association. Since 1999 to the present, Angelika Hödl has been the managing director of Radio AGORA, of which she was also a founding member. She has also been engaged on a voluntary basis in various socio-political and cultural-political concerns for many years: including being on the board of the Cultural Initiatives Association Carinthia/Koroška (ig...kikk) for over 20 years, being the Carinthian state representative of IG Kultur Österreich, as well as co-organising the “Resistance Days 2000” and “Pro Kärnten/Za Koroško” initiatives in 2006 and 2010. From 2008 - 2016 she worked on the “Action Committee for Greater Humanity and Tolerance in Carinthia”, a platform that openly criticised the state’s refugee and asylum policy and offered and coordinated assistance for refugees. She is currently a member of the Carinthian Cultural Council’s advisory board for digital media, photography and film. She has been a board member of the Association of Austrian Community Broadcasters since 2010, where she held the chair position from June 2018 - June 2020.

Foto: Andreas Hollinger

Hilde Unterberger
Deputy Secretary

Before becoming involved in Community Radio, Hilde Unterberger worked in business while studying literature and history alongside. As early as 1998-99, she was a founding member of Radio Freequenns, the Community Radio station in the Enns Valley where she later became a board member, freelance radio producer and, since 2006, program coordinator. Through her engagement on the board of the Association of Austrian Community Broadcasters between 2010 - 2014, Hilde Unterberger gained extensive experience in representing the interests of Community Radio stations, particularly in rural regions. Her primary concerns are creating and preserving the accessibility of Community Radio and strengthening social ties, especially in rural areas; and further interests include media, education, literature and social issues.