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Publication in accordance with lobby

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Act to ensure transparency when addressing the concerns of political and economic interests (Lobbying and Advocacy Transparency Act - LobbyG) the Association of Austrian Community Broadcasters publishes the following:

I. Name, headquarters and delivery address:

1. The name of the Association shall be “Verband Freier Rundfunk Österreich” (Association of Austrian Community Broadcasters) (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”).
2. the Association shall have its headquarters in Vienna and shall extend its activities throughout Austria and the European Union.

Verband Freier Rundfunk Österreich
Hermanngasse 25/2a-3
1070 Wien
+43 (0)680 2368889
ZVR: 862030947
UID: ATU57637926

II. Objectives of the Association

The objectives of the nonprofit Association are:

1. to establish and run an advocacy group which
a) seeks to collectively develop favourable conditions in terms of media policy for Community Radio stations, Community TV channels and other forms of non-commercial broadcasting in Austria and Europe,
b) collectively promotes program circulation and program quality through appropriate measures - specifically also including digital options,
c) facilitates communication and cooperation with associations, organisations and other institutional bodies in Austria and abroad,
2. supports freedom of expression in digital media in accordance with Article 13 of the Austrian Constitution.
The Association exclusively and explicitly pursues non-commercial objectives according to the Federal Fiscal Code (BAO).

III. Means for Achieving the Association’s Objectives

The Association’s objectives shall be achieved by the following intellectual and material means:

1. intellectual means:

a) Advocacy at both federal and EU level, implementing research, running educational projects and workshops involving experts in the theory and practice of media communication, policy and technology as a means of continuing education.
b) Establishing contacts, exchange and cooperation with like-minded organisations locally and abroad, design and implementation of collaborative projects with associations and social initiatives with similar objectives.
c) Promoting talent, for example through professional training or awarding broadcasting prizes.
d) Supporting program circulation and sharing, particularly through digital infrastructures.
e) Issuing publications pertaining to the research and educational activities of the Association, along with other publications.

2. Material means

a) Membership fees and subscriptions
b) Income from events
c) Donations of all kinds
d) Grants and subsidies
e) Sponsoring
f) Gifts and bequests